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June 2014 Archives

Navy submariner unable to appear in court may lose child custody

U.S. servicemen and servicewomen in Texas have always known that their military service can put a strain on their families and marriages. Sometimes a military divorce is inevitable. When it does occur, service members may find themselves at an unfortunate disadvantage when it comes to child custody.

Texas ranks number 1 in nation for child support enforcement

The last post on our Dallas family law blog discussed the recent ruling in Halle Berry's child support case and briefly mentioned options for parents who cannot afford their monthly payments. While the law does provide for some flexibility when it is absolutely necessary, our Dallas readers should not get the wrong idea: child support is a legal obligation and Texas takes child support enforcement seriously.

Judge rules that Halle Berry pay child support, legal fees to ex

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry is well known to Dallas residents and film fans across the country. Recently she has been in the news for a less than glamorous reason: a child support dispute.

Alimony disputes may not go well for stay-at-home parents

Married, working couples in Dallas are likely to struggle with one question that is common throughout the country today. When they have children, will one spouse quit working to stay home and take care of them? Many married and even engaged couples do decide to go this route, but far too few are aware that a postnuptial agreement is something well worth considering at that point in their marriage.

Same-sex divorce in Texas awaiting state supreme court ruling

The laws of states throughout the country today are rapidly changing with regard to same-sex marriage. As more states allow gay couples to legally marry, the question of same-sex divorce is also becoming a challenging family law issue. Given a number of actions currently working their way through state and federal courts, same-sex couples in Texas may be waiting some time before any clarity is reached on the issues of same-sex marriage and divorce.

Director, wife divorce after his affair with Kristen Stewart

Dallas residents and film fans will likely recall a few years ago when "Twilight" franchise star Kristen Stewart cheated on boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson with the director of "Snow White and the Huntsman," another film she was working on at the time. The media was largely consumed with the breakup of Stewart and Pattison, but they were not the only couple whose relationship eventually ended as a result of the affair.