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May 2014 Archives

Texas school board member criticized for unpaid child support

When parents divorce in Texas, the law is clear regarding their obligations to the children. The law may be brought to bear in cases where child support enforcement becomes a problem, although sometimes delinquent payments can pose a problem for non-paying parents in other ways.

Good news for actor denied visitation with son for over a year

The last post on our Dallas family law blog highlighted Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's remarks about the importance of establishing paternity, both to the father and the child. A recent story making headlines serves to illustrate in a more concrete way what can happen when a father's parental rights are in dispute.

Texas Attorney General talks paternity, fathers' rights

Fatherhood is not something the law takes for granted in this day and age. In fact, here in Texas, if a baby is born to unmarried parents, then the child has no father in the eyes of the law. Without establishing paternity, a father will have no legal rights vis-à-vis his child should he and the mother ever split up.

Entering a marriage? One conversation Dallas couples should have

Spring is here and wedding bells are beginning to ring throughout Dallas. Engaged couples are buying rings, planning what kind of ceremony to have and where to spend the honeymoon. And some are even having a conversation that might have been unthinkable just a generation ago.

Property division in Texas not as simple as "who gets the house"

When Dallas couples begin to think about the divorce process, many will naturally turn to the question of who gets the house. There is a deeply held belief in our society that the house is the most important asset in a divorce, and that whoever walks away with it claims a sort of victory. However, anyone who still feels this way today may have missed an important lesson from the recent housing market crash.

Seeking out avenues of support with a military divorce

Combat operations overseas since 2001 have asked everything of Texas servicemen and servicewomen. Many have given their lives. Still more have given physically, psychologically and even financially. Yet more and more, we are learning about another type of sacrifice that has become increasingly common among military families: the end of their marriages.

What to avoid doing once a divorce is complete

When marital problems occur, it is often challenging for spouses to not react. When married couples in Texas decide to file for divorce, they could encounter numerous family law issues. This is especially true if their emotions get the best of them. Actions made during dissolution and post-divorce could lead to additional disputes. For some, this might require post-divorce modifications. This is especially true if the couple has children.