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March 2014 Archives

How cohabitation might affect alimony payments

When a marriage is dissolved in Texas, spouses might seek payments for financial support that continue on even after the divorce is finalized, or, more specifically, monthly payments that will help them maintain their lifestyle post-divorce. Alimony is often sought by an ex-spouse who seeks such financial support, typically because they have relied heavily on the income of their ex-spouse. Depending on the length of the marriage and the current situation, spousal support could last temporarily or even a lifetime. Those who receive alimony also should be aware that substantial changes in circumstances could mean lower payments or alimony payments ending altogether.

Understanding reasons behind divorce might help couples

When marital issues occur, Texas couples may attempt to keep personal issues personal. This is especially true when the couple decides to file for divorce. Not only are they dealing with the emotions and disputes included in the initial stages of filing, they are also encountering divorce issues. Many do not want to drag additional people into their problems. Furthermore, some couples do not want others to know they are divorcing or the reason behind the divorce.

Multimillionaire seeks to stop child support payments to ex-wife

Parents in Texas understand that maintaining a relationship with their child is important during and after a divorce. Many family law issues plague a divorcing couple, and one major issue that can continue post-divorce is child support. Obtaining the necessary finances is crucial for the wellbeing of a couple's children as well as the custodial parent. Although it is important to devise a proper child support arrangement, the process can often lead to disputes and challenges.

Visitation and support plan for children attending college

Parents in Texas are often concerned about the well- being of their child, as well as their future. Future concerns could be offset during a divorce, but it is important that parents include all potential concerns when determining a parenting plan. For many, after basic custody and child support issues are determined, some future issues are ignored or postponed. It is important that parental rights are established, but also their roles in the current and future child custody plans.