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February 2014 Archives

The importance of planning during a divorce

The decision to live with a partner, the planning of a marriage, the choice to have a family and the decision to get a divorce are all major events that require a lot of thought and planning. When a couple in Texas reaches the conclusion that it is best for them to dissolve their union, it is crucial that they incorporate all the details of their marriage when finalizing a divorce. This could make the property division process go much smoother.

Texas judge will decide on same-sex marriage ban soon

When couples in Texas decide to get married, serious decisions are involved. The same serious and often complex thought process is included in the divorce process. No matter the length of the marriage or where the couple was originally married, a couple's divorce in Texas is defined by the laws of Texas if that is where they reside when they file for dissolution. For same-sex partners, this is not so easily accomplished. A same-sex divorce in Texas brings several divorce issues to the table.

Understanding wage garnishments and child support in Texas

Parents in Texas often encounter many major decisions during the divorce process. This leads to difficult choices, such as those involving child custody and child support. In some cases, a parent is not given much time with the child but is required to make monthly payments to help cover the necessary expenses associated with childcare. When a parent fails to pay child support, they could endure serious repercussions and penalties such as fines and even incarceration.

Making informed decisions about prenuptial agreements

Many choices go into the decision to get married. That is equally if not more true when it comes to dissolving a marriage. Married couples in Texas often attempt to make a difficult and emotional process easier by drafting a prenuptial agreement. This instrument helps spell out who gets what in the event of a divorce. This document serves as a contract between the spouses, and if drafted properly, it will ease the divorcing process by eliminating complexities, disputes and lengthy decision-making.