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January 2014 Archives

Considering a postnuptial agreement for stay at home parents

Couples in Texas may often think about their future as a family but one thing that might not be discussed is a couple's future possibility of divorce, although in this day and age it is not uncommon to prepare for such an event. In addition, marital finances, property division and alimony can be messy topics to discuss during a divorce. Documents such as a prenuptial agreement and a postnuptial agreement can address these issues without a dispute fogging the views of the splitting spouses

Religion a factor in divorce rate

It is common for an individual's upbringing and where they grew up to shape who they are and who they will become. Whether it is the region or the size of their hometown, people often hold and maintain the family values with which they grew up. For some couples in Texas, components such as religion, political party and education philosophy will often shape the couple's marriage and how they will live. It is these facets that could also affect the relationship that could ultimately lead to the end of a marriage.

Post-divorce issues and child custody for special needs children

Couples in Texas understand that being a parent is an exciting and important component in life. Following a divorce or separation, child custody can interfere with parenting time. Dissolution of marriage means encountering a laundry list of issues and factors to address, and when children are involved in the process they often shape and prolong reaching a divorce agreement. The needs and support of the child are the focal point and the best interest of the child should be the determining factor when drafting a child custody arrangement.

Does digital infidelity muddy the waters for divorce?

In the past, cheating on a spouse was a clear-cut matter -- it either happened or did not. However, as technology keeps progressing into new territories throughout time, it also blurs and redefines many aspects of our lives, marriage included. Now, infidelity can exist beyond the physical realm and cross over into digital territory. This has caused some to pose a question for marriages impacted by such a situation -- does cyber sex constitute grounds for divorce?

Making a resolution to be better co-parents post-divorce

Married, separated and divorced couples in Texas understand that the holidays are often difficult, especially if they are getting in constant fights with their spouse, soon-to-be ex-spouse or ex-spouse. This is a common occurrence when children are involved. Custody and visitation are often the center of the disputes occurring around the holiday, and these fights can take a toll on divorced parents and their children. This is often why those dealing with these family law issues should look towards the New Year to better their situation and avoid similar occurrences next year.