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Beyonce's father delinquent on child support

No matter the age of a child, parents should understand that their supportive role never ends. Following a divorce or separation, parents in Texas should understand that child support will most likely be required if one parent takes on the role are the primary caregiver. If a parent fails to uphold the agreement and does not make their child support payments they could face serious penalties.

Although he was supportive and helped his daughter become famous, the father of Beyoncé Knowles was recently ordered to pay child support after he missed two monthly payments of $12,000. Back in 2009, Matthew Knowles divorced Beyoncé's mother after an alleged affair that resulted in his lover becoming pregnant. He was requested to take a paternity test and was ordered to pay child support for his son Nixon.

Reports indicate that his former lover is in financial trouble and, recently, had to pull her young son from school because she is no longer able to pay for it. Depending on the child support agreement, the father could be required to cover the costs of education for his son. In some situations, a parent could argue that high school fees are unreasonable and unnecessary for the child.

If a parent does not agree with the amount of child support requested or how the payments are being used, they could seek to modify the agreement. In other cases, if a parent is not able to make payments due to a substantial change in circumstances, such as unemployment or underemployment, they could also seek to modify the child support agreement. In any case, if parents should become delinquent, that could result in serious consequences.

Those seeking to modify a child support order should understand the steps necessary to achieve this. In addition, the best interest of a child should always be the focal point when it comes to child support, but if a parent is not able to make payments due to their income, it is important to reach an agreement that is reasonable for all parties involved.

Source: Sowetan Live, "Beyonce's dad Matthew Knowles misses child support payments," Dec. 5, 2013

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