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December 2013 Archives

Custody modification during relocation post-divorce

Major life changes could occur at any time. For some Texas couples, this is when they seek to divorce. This decision often includes numerous factors to consider. If children are involved in the dissolution, issues such as custody and support need to be determined. Although a divorce is considered a major life change, other changes, such as relocation, could not only impact a person's life but could also affect a divorce agreement or a child custody arrangement. A move for a career, a fresh start or the desire to be closer to family members after a divorce could create problems if children are involved.

Considering finances in a Texas divorce

When couples in Texas decide it is time to part ways, this is only the starting point in a long and difficult decision-making process. Often, disputes erupt and spouses are misguided by their emotions. This could create an uncomfortable, angry and spiteful situation. The divorce process is not considered a pleasant event in anyone's life, but it could be more manageable, if certain steps are taken and all issues are considered and dealt with properly and effectively.

Beyonce's father delinquent on child support

No matter the age of a child, parents should understand that their supportive role never ends. Following a divorce or separation, parents in Texas should understand that child support will most likely be required if one parent takes on the role are the primary caregiver. If a parent fails to uphold the agreement and does not make their child support payments they could face serious penalties.

Relocation sparks custody dispute for Olympic skier

Parents in Texas understand the importance of being involved in their child's life. This desire is not always easy to accomplish because the parents might be divorced, separated or unmarried. In some cases, parents might not get along. Furthermore, one might live further away due to their career. The relocation of a parent might cause disputes and family law issues, which might lead to a child custody modification.