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November 2013 Archives

Collaborative co-parenting could benefit some divorcing couples

The end of the marriage often means the start of various emotions. The divorce process is not an easy event and couples in Texas understand that it can lead to new challenges. In some cases, the divorcing couple could learn from the experience and realize they can come together and cooperate. This is especially true for parents seeking to come to agreeable terms for a child custody arrangement.

Fathers' rights: growing number of Texas fathers gaining custody

Parents in Texas, not only seek to spend quality time with their children, but they desire to be around to see the milestones of their children's life. The ability to do this is not always the case for parents that are no longer together. Depending on the outcome of the divorce or the split, one parent might not have as many rights as the other. This is often due to one parent having sole or primary custody. A child custody arrangement could lead to challenges and even disputes, which could result in modifications.

Texas Supreme Court hears divorce case for same-sex couple

When a couple no longer gets along, it is important that they have the option to get out of the relationship and move on. When married couples in Texas seek to dissolve their marriage, the divorce process is usually initiated if they discover that the relationship is irreparable. Although dissolving a marriage is a readily available option for most, this is not always the case for same-sex partners who have been legally married and seek to divorce. In the state of Texas, this brings up various divorce legal issues that can both be challenging and emotional.

Attorney General's office helps collect child support in Texas

Parents in Texas often make difficult and major decisions concerning their family. When married couples decide that getting a divorce is their best option for their future, they often have to consider the future of their children as well. This often means deciding issues such as child custody and child support. Monthly payments are often very essential for the primary or custodial parent, and when those payments are late or delinquent, this could cause significant hardships for the other parent and the children.