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October 2013 Archives

Before eating turkey and lighting the tree, don't forget custody

Even though many Dallas residents are still eating Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays are quickly approaching. While the holidays are joyful and merry for some people, they can bring sleigh-fulls of stress for others. Few people likely know this better than divorced parents.

Dallas mogul disputing over prenuptial agreement

When couples argue, it is common for close friends and relatives to know about their marital problems. When a wealthy or celebrity couple has marital problems or files for divorce, often a large range of people know about their personal issues because the media or tabloid will cover their problems. A high asset divorce is not only difficult because numerous people know their issues, but it is also challenging because there could be problems surrounding property distribution and the couple's prenuptial agreement.

Men more stressed by divorce than women

Divorce is often a difficult time for anyone, no matter the length of the marriage. Married couples in Texas understand that life during marriage and life post-divorce are significantly different. This is not only because they are dealing with being single again, but also because their life has drastically changed, creating new and often scary emotions.

Divorce issues with sole proprietorships

Married couples in Texas understand that problems can occur in a marriage. Although some issues and disputes can be overcome, some marital problems cause the couple to make a difficult decision. Deciding to get a divorce can be a difficult and life altering choice, but sometimes it is what must occur so each spouse can move on and live happily. When a couple dissolves a marriage, there are a lot of factors to consider, especially when it comes to property division.

Devising a property division plan during a divorce

The decision to get married is often a serious life event that takes much thought and planning. The antithesis also requires the same time and consideration. Although a divorce is not a happy or easy process to go through, it should be done with a clear mind and unfueled by emotion or spite. When spite is within the dissolution process, wrong or bad decisions could be made, especially when it comes to the finances and property division.

Texas Attorney General sets record for child support collection

When a marriage turns sour, the splitting spouses have a laundry list of things to consider. The divorce process itself is filled with major decisions which can often lead to serious disputes. When children are involved, the process becomes even more complicated and parents need to develop a parenting plan to determine how child custody and child support will be handled. When the plan is not properly followed or child support payments are not made, difficulties and further disputes may occur.