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September 2013 Archives

Are rings part of property division in a divorce?

When a marriage is failing, several things run through the minds of the spouses during the divorce process. Often, even before they decide to dissolve the marriage, spouses will consider what items they want to keep and what will be declared legally theirs. This can cause the property division process to involve numerous disputes and even prolong the entire process. Married couples in Texas seeking to divorce should understand the state laws when it comes to division of property.

Considering finances in a gray divorce

The dissolution of a lengthy marriage may come as a surprise for some, but no matter what age the couple is or how long the marriage lasted, divorce can occur at any age. Married couples in Texas understand that it is important to consider the details of marital assets and property when a couple files for divorce. This can be a difficult process because property division will often lead to disputes about ownership of property and the existence of assets or debts.

High asset divorce case lasting over a decade

In Texas, if there are no children involved and not much property to be distributed, the dissolution of a marriage can be an easy and fairly straightforward procedure. In contrast, a high asset divorce can be very complex, involving property disputes and numerous other issues. It is not unusual for a high asset divorce to take well over a year to reach an agreement.

Asset distribution and financial protection in a Texas divorce

When married couples in Texas determine that it is time to call it quits, it is not a simple task to complete. Their property and finances need to be considered. Furthermore, if the couple has children, custody and support of those children will need to be determined. The endless list of issues and factors that need to be evaluated and decided can cause disputes, which in turn could lengthen the process. Getting a divorce does not always need to be complex, and when both sides come together in order to reach an amicable divorce agreement, the separating couple could dissolve their marriage effectively and timely.