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August 2013 Archives

Texas Supreme Court considers same-sex divorce

When a married couple seeks to dissolve their marriage, the divorce laws provide each party with certain rights. Achieving a divorce decree may take some time, but once all the important issues are addressed including property division, child custody and support payments, the divorce can be finalized and the newly separated couple can move on.

Understanding the collaborative approach in divorce

Texas couples understand that a marriage often works best when the couple works together. The same is true in the dissolution of the union. Soon-to-be ex-spouses need to come to terms in order to develop a successful divorce agreement, although there is room in the future for modification of the agreement as the need arises. Getting a divorce can be lengthy, tedious and emotional, but it is important that the divorce is handled with care in order to avoid additional disputes and further expenses.

New child support guidelines in place this coming September

Dallas parents will see changes in child support guidelines beginning on September 1st.  The new guidelines would now ask that 20 percent of every $8,550 brought in go towards child support.  This would add up to $1,710, which would amount to an increase of $210.

Complexities of adopting a child

Though adoption is often a longtime goal for prospective parents in Texas, the process of adopting a new child also comes with a number of challenges.  Currently there are 7 million children in the United States awaiting adoption.  However, couples have also been given more options as to the child they wish to adopt than ever before.