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July 2013 Archives

Texas father seeks custody of his daughters in Russia

A Texas father has been embroiled in an international child custody dispute for five years. Back in 2008 the father took his two daughters for a weekend visit to see their mother and he has not seen the girls since that time. That weekend, the mother took the girls out of the country to reside in Russia.

Texas County arrests individuals behind on child support payments

One Texas County has just rounded up 13 individuals that had failed to pay their child support.  It is believed that these individuals owed as much as $200,000 in back child support, and the county has filed charges against all of them.

Custody dispute between father and adoptive parents ruled upon

The United States Supreme Court has ruled on a complex family law dispute that brought into conflict state and federal law, and also took into consideration the rights of adoptive parents versus the rights of the biological father. As occurs with any ruling made by the Supreme Court, it will affect the way child custody matters are conducted in every state including Texas.